The Writer’s Advantage

Enter her world with a sense of wonderment, and you will be rewarded.
~ Christopher Vogler, author of The Writer’s Journey

Too many talented writers fall into the trap of creating works that add nothing new to their genre. They have nothing to offer studios or publishers who want to gain financially and critically.

Time and time again I see mediocre, bland projects, that are overlooked.

Fortunately, you can learn how to create work that gets noticed.

The Writer’s Advantage: A Toolkit for Mastering Your Genre provides practical techniques for avoiding remakes and reboots. It helps writers to master their genre by examining the evolution of their ideas through proven tools of analysis.

When writers apply this approach to their genre, they find fresh new ideas emerge and create a totally new storytelling environment.  They can develop scripts and stories that are ready to pitch in today’s rapidly changing transmedia universe.


What can you do to stand out?

Michael Wiese Productions, available now

Michael Wiese Productions, available now.

There are too many writers writing without any direction. Whether their purpose is to influence a generation or sell to the current marketplace they create content that doesn’t get noticed.

Doing the work outlined with The Writer’s Advantage is the link between sellers and buyers. It is what connects writers and publishers, and screenwriters and studios or networks and any other potential buyers.

Through a series of exercises called the TOOLKIT SANDBOXES, you will gain unique insight and master the knowledge of each chapter.  Soon you be able to present your idea within the best light, complete your research, create a better project and a prepare better pitch!

This method of writing research is the ultimate insider’s guide that reveals the secrets of development departments and publishing editors that none of them dare tell.

Learn how to integrate current market trends without compromising your creative touch or your artistic vision.

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“Every page of “The Writer’s Advantage” offers remarkable discoveries on the art and craft of writing. Most significantly, Laurie Scheer seems to have cracked the code on why some Hollywood films hit and others completely miss the mark. Her amazing insights and analysis explores not only the form of genres, but their profound function as well — inspiring writers to open their stories to amazing creative possibilities.”

— Dara Marks, Hollywood’s #1 rated script consultant. Read more endorsements for The Writer’s Advantage.


Who is the book and method for?


The Writer’s Advantage: A Toolkit for Mastering Your Genre is a writing method for writers—all writers—whether you are writing a Romance novel, a cop drama for television, or a short story as a writing sample for your MFA application…here’s a comprehensive list:

  • Writers of all kinds – aspiring and emerging screenwriters, fiction, nonfiction, web-based and fan fiction writers
  • Professional and established writers who have received one-too-many rejections and/or wish to revive their ideas or careers
  • Film/TV/Digital media students
  • English and writing students
  • Media development executives and editors and executives within the publishing industry
  • Writers’ groups and book clubs
  • Teachers and tutors
  • Screenwriting and media experts

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When will you use this book?

For writers who think they are the voice of their generation, have the next big idea or declare that their idea hasn’t been done before: Let me introduce you to a wealth of resources to support your thoughts.

For writers who are stuck, experiencing writers’ block or have just given up. I want you to overreach-to get a little beyond your own writing to find a solution and keep on writing.

For writers who have received one-too-many rejections. I’ll explain why that’s happening and show you how to turn those rejections into “recommends.”


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 Comments from Laurie’s Students

The ideas in The Writer’s Advantage: Master Your Genre and Find Your Voice aren’t just a philosophy. They are practical methods for mastering your writing that have been tried and tested with students and peers. Here is some of what writers who have already gone through the program have to say.


Like most writers I’m more creative-minded than marketing-oriented, which is why Laurie Scheer’s The Writer’s Advantage: Master Your Genre & Find Your Voice is an invaluable writing tool for me. By using The Writer’s Advantage Checklist, I’ve learned about the traits of my genre, its history, and how my novel not only fits into the genre’s marketplace, but how it can transform it. I now use The Writer’s Advantage techniques for all my novels before I actually start writing them and have discovered that mastering my genre actually leads to more creativity. Thank you, Laurie! My book title is: Carpe Diem, Illinois. My website is:


What Laurie Scheer teaches in The Writer’s Advantage: Master Your Genre and Find Your Voice is what every writer should know before starting to write a book. Using Laurie’s methods, you learn how to make your book stand out among your genre, whether fiction or nonfiction. You learn how to research your particular field and use the information you’ve gathered about your genre to present your book to your reader in a new, exciting way. I used Laurie’s technique to take a fresh look at our finished manuscript, and we were able to tweak it to add depth, charm, and our own unique spin on a well-known subject in order to make it stand out against other books about witches. The lessons taught in the Writer’s Advantage help you own your work, be confident about your expertise on that topic, and offer a more knowledgeable and polished manuscript. I highly recommend it.

Christine Cacciatore
Co-author of Baylyn, Bewitched and Cat, Charmed



Why you and why now?

You’re a writer and you are probably (hopefully) passionate about your work.  Maybe you’ve spent three years of your life writing a manuscript that by the time you’re ready to market and sell, is out of date or someone has beat you to the chase and just sold a similar property.

You can avoid wasting time writing if you do your homework.

You can know and arm yourself within the marketplace – do your research.

You can avoid lacking any confidence by knowing your idea is marketable and viable.


That’s why this method works. It shares the insider knowledge found in development departments and editors’ offices with you, the writers, so you won’t look like an idiot when you go out with your work.

Also, you won’t be pitching an idea that’s been heard and done a million times-you’ll be pitching a new meta text.

Don’t waste time on projects that won’t sell.

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