Ms. Scheer is always on the top of my list of presenters for ScriptDC as I consider who will best serve our aspiring and emerging filmmaking community.  Her expertise in all areas of film and television production is without question.  What sets Laurie apart, and why I am always delighted she can join us, is her positive attitude and nurturing spirit.
Jane Barbara
WIFV- DC Board Member
Chair of ScriptDC screenwriter conference


Laurie Scheer is a superlative speaker and presenter who knows her topics extremely well. I would highly recommend any of her new Media or television workshops. At FTX West Conference her workshops were some of our most popular and well loved according to the participants Surveyed. I know we will be booking her in the very near future. Vancouverites love her!

Marcy Schacter
Past president  FTX West Film and Television Expo and conference
and PitchMarket 2010, Vancouver, BC


In 2011, Laurie Scheer gave an exceptional keynote speech titled “The Fear of Success” to In Print, a  professional writers organization. Her talk inspired In Print members to take the leap into the publishing world. Since then, Ms. Scheer has presented many workshops to In Print writers on motivation, marketing and publication. Ms. Scheer’s knowledge of the ever-changing publishing industry is limitless and because of this, her workshops have provided valuable information, incredible insights, and wonderful inspiration to our members.

Kristin Oakley
President, In Print
Board Member, Chicago Writers Association


Laurie Scheer is a five-star presenter and instructor here where she teaches at many writers’ conferences, workshops, and retreats sponsored by University of Wisconsin-Madison. She’s currently the director of the Writers’ Institute, a major conference in the Midwest and called one of the top 3 writing conferences in the United States by The Writer Magazine. Laurie is both a popular instructor and host at that event. In addition, she’s in demand by other groups to give presentations and thus is on the road a lot representing UW-Madison at major writing events and pitch fests across the United States, in Los Angeles and elsewhere. These always result in more five-star reviews of her teaching style and her depth of knowledge about writing and the entertainment industry. She teaches at a national, week-long writers’ retreat in June in Madison as well, always to five-star reviews.

Christine DeSmet
Faculty associate in writing, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Director, “Write-by-the-Lake Writers’ Workshop & Retreat”


Former Students/Client Recommendations


Lisa Cullen, Writer/Producer: “As a longtime staff writer at a newsweekly magazine, I knew I needed new skills to survive as a writer. So I volunteered for a buyout and spent my retraining allowance taking Mediabistro classes in writing screenplays and novels — and, twice, Laurie Scheer’s TV-writing workshop. I was charmed by her bottomless enthusiasm and cheerfully encouraging manner (qualities rare in journalism and, it turns out, in Hollywood). For newbies like me, her workshop was a safe place to ask dumb questions. Thanks to this, I believe I appeared slightly less of a rube in my meetings this spring with studios, producers and networks. Last month, I landed a development deal with Warner Bros. As Laurie would say, “Onward!”


Mark Dyson, Screenwriter: “Laurie is a true “teacher” who not only imparts her knowledge technically and creatively, but also her industry wisdom–an invaluable added bonus. But I think what makes Laurie an exceptional instructor is her authentic style, which is both engaging and inspiring as it makes you feel immediately at ease as a new writer and student. Always instilling confidence while remaining honest and real. She is top notch.”


“I took Laurie’s TV seminar. The room resonated with her knowledge, insights and enthusiasm. The atmosphere was great. She gave me much to work with and think about. An A+ compared to other similar coursework that I have taken elsewhere. The lady knows the market, the material, and how to teach.” – student evaluation, mediabistro seminar


And I can say that — seriously — not a month goes by when I don’t think back to the Creative Writing for the Media program at NU, and especially your quarter with us.  If I had to give your class a title, it would be: “Laurie Scheer teaches you how to make phone calls, which will turn out to be about 83% of what you do as a creative person in Hollywood.”  Remember when you showed me how to track down the head of development at Comedy Central when all I had was his address and a (minor and out-of-date) connection through some MTV casting director?  That was, looking back, my first Hollywood adventure.  Thank you for all that outside-of-class advice and mentoring — I use those skills and strategies every day.  – Ryan Raddatz, Writer/Producer


Hi Professor Scheer,

Los Angeles is GREAT ( I know this is corny but it really feels like home). I am working in the trailer department at Universal Pictures. My job is great, it is extremely hands on. I really feel like I am apart of the team! I was thinking about you and all the advice that you’ve given me over the past couple years and I just wanted to say thank you! There is no way that I would be where I am in my life if it wasn’t for you.  Layne P. Eskridge, Universal Pictures, Creative Operations


…and, from one of my current online students, this simple email appeared in my inbox the other day;


Since I started this class my interest in writing has slowly evolved into a very pleasant activity. My former, yes, former, mental blocks are gradually disappearing.  At first I was skeptical of the short writing exercises, but for me this method has worked wonders.

Thank you Laurie, you are a wonder woman, a sweetheart of a teacher.

Very gratefully,   


And finally…

Not sure if you remember me. I was one of your online students a few years back and I convinced you to come to Houston to teach a tv writing workshop for SWAMP?
I wanted to send you a long overdue thank you. It was women like you who made me realize my dream of writing for tv was possible. Just to give you an update, I produced and directed a movie in 2010 titled “The Preacher’s Daughter” that was sold to A&E/Lifetime in June. The film premiered on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) on August 31st and garnered the highest rating for a movie on that network for all of 2012 (so far). I am currently writing another movie for Lifetime. This is just the beginning. So, thank you for being such an inspiration and source of support and encouragement when I needed it.  All my best, Michelle Mower