We live in a platform-centric world of media.  And yes, Kevin Spacey was right when he said “The audience doesn’t care about the platform. They care about the content” at the Content Marketing World event about a month ago, but I want to talk a little bit about the joy of watching a movie on a big screen – talk about wonderment…

The 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival

Oriental Theater - Milwaukee Film Festival signIn October, I was honored to be part of the MKE Film Festival in Milwaukee.  The festival screens films throughout the city, however, the main theater – the Oriental Theater is one of those grand old showplaces built in the early years of movie-making, 1927 to be exact.  It is a palace if there ever was one and yes, it is old and ornate and some might say garish, but to me it was home during my undergraduate years enrolled as a student in Film & Broadcasting classes while attending Marquette University.

This was where I viewed all of the foreign films I could devour and all the alternative screenings such as John Waters’ movies and Rocky Horror Picture Show and my first viewing of (heart skips a beat) Harold and Maude.

And sure, it is convenient to watch a movie on Netflix curled up on your couch with your iPad or on your iPhone while on a bus back from O’Hare airport, but let’s face it, those are not the movie-going experiences that our early Hollywood moguls had in mind.

Ticket lines at the Oriental Theater in Milwaukee

While watching Jimi: All Is by My Side, I realized that I had not actually viewed a movie on a BIG screen for years.  Sure, I’ve gone to my local Sundance cinemas and that’s a nice movie-going experience but the screen is still miniscule compared to a grand old theater like the Oriental.  Well, Jimi Hendrix looked great up there and so did Benedict Cumberbatch the next day when I viewed The Imitation Game. I forgot that I could just stare at B.C.’s face on that large screen – he is so mesmerizing, it didn’t matter what he was saying, those close ups were staggering.  But again, it had been so long since I watched anything on a large screen like that that I forgot how marvelous it can be.

Main lobby at the Oriental Theater in Milwaukee

Dare I say that the entire Oriental Theater movie-going experience brought wonderment into my life for the weekend?

I think it did.

So tell me, what was the last movie you viewed on the large screen and did you experience wonderment?  Let me know…