Over the holiday break a Hollywood development colleague forwarded to my attention a wonderful resource for writers – a manuscript wish list that features tweets from industry agents and editors as they discuss the material they’d like to see.

What a gift!

What are publishing industry professionals wishing for?

The wish list is a wonderful manuscript resource where you can explore the actual tweets from industry professionals telling us what they are looking for. Even though some of these tweets go back a year or so, it doesn’t matter – this is an opportunity for your creativity.

Why do I say that?

Because when you read these tweets you will do one of two things:

1) it will either jar your own thoughts into tweaking your work to fulfill their requests, or

2) you’ll see that the material you’ve created could fulfill their wish! (If you’ve written what they are requesting.)


Either way – this is an exercise in good will for writers.

In addition, because the article is basically a list of tweets, you can retweet or follow individual editors and publishers directly from the article.

Here’s a random sampling of what you’ll find:


Tweet screenshot Tweet screenshot Tweet screenshot

You can see how inspirational these quotes can be! And there are dozens more! Enjoy browsing the Manuscript Wish List tweets.


Take a look at these agent wishlists. If you’re not sure your manuscript/script is ready to be marketed, I’m available for manuscript and script consultation. The “Friends & Family discount” is in effect for everyone reading this blog.  Just contact me at mediagoddess@lauriescheer.com.


I’d love to hear if you have a manuscript or script that fulfills any of these requests!