The short answer: Be Authentic!

As an aspiring writer or screenwriter you should know the answer to this question:

How Can I Write Authentic Texts and Avoid Mediocre Ones?

Many writers are not aware that they should be asking this question.

In most cases publishers report that only 1% of the slush pile of manuscripts has any hope to be published and out of a pile of 100 screenplays there are maybe only 1 or 2 that might be worthy of being produced.

You want to be sure your work is in the small percentage of manuscripts or scripts that get considered for publication or production.

It is common knowledge in both the publishing and media industries that the cream always rises to the top. If your manuscript or script has what the publishing or media company is looking for, it will garner the attention of those buyers and you will find a home for your material.


Some qualities of mediocre texts:Proofread checklist

  • Incorrect formatting
  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • Poor quality of writing, i.e. no structure, one-dimensional characters, flat dialogue
  • Nothing new in regard to the subject matter.  See earlier post: Save Your Writing by Mastering Your Genre


Some qualities of an authentic text:

  • A new, fresh way of addressing the genre that has not been seen (or rarely seen) before. (See earlier post: How to Run The History of Your Genre)
  • Formatting, spelling, grammar – all correct
  • The writing offers wonderment and an experience that cannot be found reading other texts
  • The idea is simple, yet exciting and filled with inspiration

In all of your writing you should strive for writing the authentic text. Don’t be mediocre, don’t be like others – you are your own unique writer, your own unique voice – so do the research, do the work and write the best authentic text possible.

Be authentic!


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