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Praise for The Writer’s Advantage: A Toolkit for Mastering Your Genre


“Laurie points to a high road for genre-loving writers, in which they can not only participate in the forms they admire, but also make fresh contributions that no one has ever imagined, and even spin out completely new genres and styles that others will have the fun of exploring and expanding one day.  Enter her world with a sense of wonderment, and you will be rewarded.”

~Christopher Vogler is author of The Writer’s Journey, co-author of Memo From the Story Department, and a former Fox development executive.


“Whether you are creating a novel, film script, web/TV series, memoir, play, game or trans-media project, THE WRITER’S ADVANTAGE:  A Toolkit for Mastering Your Genre is sure to become your new “go-to” writing resource!  Author Laurie Scheer — aka “Media Goddess” — deftly guides you to shape, define and embrace your project, giving you the essential tools needed to strengthen and expand your storytelling voice and perspective.  Of special note are the invaluable case studies, thought-provoking questions and results-oriented exercises at the end of each chapter which are designed to jump-start your creative process, no matter what genre you may be pursuing.

~ Kathie Fong Yoneda, story consultant, workshop leader, author of THE SCRIPT-SELLING GAME: A Hollywood Insider’s Guide to Getting Your Script Sold and Produced (2nd edition)   


“Laurie Scheer knows what so many writing instructors don’t: that understanding how content is consumed, and who is consuming it, is just as crucial as craft. She’s given you The Writer’s Advantage: A Toolkit for Mastering Your Genre. For God’s sake, take it.”

~ Brad Schreiber, screenwriter, producer, consultant, author, What Are You Laughing At? How to Write Funny Screenplays, Stories and More


“Only someone with the depth and breadth of Laurie Scheer’s  first-hand experience could create such an indispensable resource for all aspiring writers. The Writer’s Advantage: A Toolkit for Mastering Your Genre is chock-full of effective tools, step-by-step instruction, and industry insights that will take your labor of love from concept, to pitch, to presentation–to a produced project. Eagerly read, successfully followed, and highly recommended.”

~ Josie Brown, author, The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook series, and Totlandia series


“Every page ofThe Writer’s Advantage offers remarkable discoveries on the art and craft of writing. Most significantly, Laurie Scheer seems to have cracked the code on why some Hollywood films hit and others completely miss the mark. Her amazing insights and analysis explores not only the form of genres, but their profound function as well — inspiring writers to open their stories to amazing creative possibilities.”

~ Dara Marks, Hollywood’s #1 rated script consultant


“Laurie Scheer’s The Writer’s Advantage is a wonderful handbook for bridging generational gaps in the world of writing and selling your material. That is only one of its attributes. It organizes a way of thinking and educating yourself to write and sell your material. It is filled with entertaining examples and at the end of each chapter is a ‘sandbox’ full of tools to enhance your understanding of writing and selling material. Laurie has toiled successfully in the minefields of the entertainment business and she knows of what she speaks. The book is really fun and interactive. Can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who is interested in or wants to work in the entertainment field.”

~ Joan Darling, actress and Emmy and DGA winning director


“Gone are weak scripts and novel manuscripts based on one-dimensional ideas. That’s the promise here, and Laurie Scheer delivers. She’s cracked the puzzle as to how you make sure you’re writing or buying an original idea. The Writer’s Advantage should be required reading for every writer and executive in the script and novel worlds — as well as all students in MFA and screenwriting programs. This down-to-earth yet authoritative book shows you in masterful steps how to be original — a huge feat. And it delivers by teaching us all how to find the core of a genre’s rules or conventions. Every exercise here is a superb gold nugget of storytelling technique. On your book shelf next to Syd Field, Christopher Vogler, Linda Seger, and maybe one or two other teachers who changed the writing industry, you need to add this essential media goddess — Laurie Scheer.”

~ Christine DeSmet, screenwriting instructor, award-winning screenwriter and mystery series author


“Laurie Scheer takes her years as an industry professional, combined with her role as an educator, and blends the two in a text that is honest, engaging, and educational. Each chapter includes a Toolkit Sandbox, complete with excellent case studies, questions for critical thinking, and exercises to maximize understanding. As the title says, this book truly gives writers an advantage!”

~ Wendy Moore, Full Sail University faculty and StayForTheCredits.net host


“Laurie Scheer’s The Writer’s Advantage is without a doubt the best resource that I’ve come across for writing genre regardless of medium. With a focus on transmedia storytelling, Scheer’s book is both accessible and also a master class in story development.”

~ Stefan Blitz, Forces of Geek


The Writer’s Advantage forces you to dig a little deeper for the core of an original idea. It gives you the resources to analyze and understand your audience so that you will be better able to deliver a satisfying storytelling experience.”

~  Tom Farr, Tom Farr Reviews


“The consummate guide to writing, pitching, and finding an audience. Indispensable for all creators.”

~  Dave Watson, Movies Matter


“I’ve published many short essays and articles, but the concept of a novel (even chick lit) overwhelmed me. Then came The Writer’s Advantage — a fun workbook with easy to use tools and techniques. Doing Laurie Scheer’s suggested genre research, and answering the questions she poses, has taken the anxiety out of the novel writing process for me. My characters have come to life, and their situations are more timely and amusing thanks to The Writer’s Advantage!”

~  Ellen Nordberg, blogger, Treading the Twin Tsunami


“As an agent, I often find that the most promising writers are those who not only create, but know how and why their creations work. The Writer’s Advantage is a wonderful resource that gets you thinking outside the covers on your way to becoming the author of the future: informed, targeted, and transmedia-savvy.”

~  Gordon Warnock, founding partner, Foreword Literary


“Seriously, thank you for writing this book. The exercises were really helpful. The 36 plots — wonderful! The list of websites — great! This book is very clear and not hard to ‘get.’ This is about knowing the product — your screenplay — and knowing the reasons why it needs to be made. The only way it could be any better is if you could implant a chip in my brain so I can recall all this vital information with a blink of an eye.”

~  Jane Barbara, writer/producer, Testa Dura Media/Women in Film & Video-DC Vice President, Chair, ScriptDC


“To paraphrase Laurie Scheer’s ‘Three Questions for Writers’: Why make this book? To enlighten and candidly assist writers to understand the secrets that have been locked behind closed story development doors forever and how to navigate the road to success. The author has provided a toolbox and the way to ‘take control of your writing destiny,’ with enormous first-hand information and understanding. Why make this book now? Because it’s needed! It’s been missing for years. This book is certain to become a coveted document translated in to many languages for writers all over the world. The myriad of tools inside the toolbox is destined for the writer’s computer for instant ready reference. The Writer’s Advantage sets the reader on the way to becoming their ‘own private development department.’ Who cares about this book? Everybody who is a writer or desires to become a writer. The secrets are out of the box, written by a person who has been through the doors and maneuvered through the trenches. The only thing missing from this book is what to wear on the day of your meeting and the shortest distance from your home or office to the place of your meeting so that you’re a few minutes early.”

~  Cynthia Comsky, Chair of PLAYdate at the Ebell of Los Angeles, Ebell Playwright Prize, 2nd Wednesdays at the Ebell and Co-Chair of Ebell Social Services Committee; former TV executive producer


“If you’re a serious writer, be it film, TV, web, or books, you must constantly take action to move your career forward. By knowing your genre inside and out you are well on your way to becoming a successful writer. Without knowledge and understanding of your genre you risk a fate of not being taken seriously. Laurie Scheer offers a comprehensive study and the tools you need to make your story appeal to the audience you are seeking. She will teach you how to make your writing marketable and profitable. Read this book before you write yours.”

~  Forris Day Jr., writer/reviewer for ScaredStiffReviews.com and Scriptmag.com


“Separating the wheat from the chaff, The Writer’s Advantage is my new go-to resource. More than a toolkit for writers, it’s a treasure trove of valuable insights from a seasoned professional. The case studies, questions, and exercises at the end of each chapter are invaluable! They challenged me to remove potentially rose-colored glasses and see (really see!) my work as an unbiased observer. As a writer I will continue to use The Writer’s Advantage as a fulcrum to raise my work to a higher level and prepare it for successful placement in the marketplace.”

~  Laurie Buchanan, PhD, transformational life coach


“There’s a proliferation of interchangeable screenwriting guides on the market, but Laurie Scheer’s The Writer’s Advantage is wholly unique. As its title proclaims, it’s not just a “how-to,” but a fundamental approach to navigating today’s ever-changing media landscape. It’s everything writers aren’t thinking about — but should be.”

~  Greg Lessans, producer, screenwriter, film executive


“The perfect book for any writer who’s willing to do the work. And trust me, you’ll work. There are no shortcuts in The Writer’s Advantage. What you will find is a road map to being the best writer you can be. The importance of genre knowledge has never been as eloquently stated or as deeply investigated as it is here. I write across multiple mediums and I found myself applying some of these tools to all of them. I only wish I’d had this book years ago when I first started putting pen to paper.”

~ Steve Belanger, writer, actor, podcast host


“In Hollywood as well as in all media, everything begins with writing. Seems everybody thinks they can be a writer. To truly be a ‘writer’ you must understand the craft. In The Writing’s Advantage, Laurie Scheer helps the aspiring writer to develop their style, understand the marketplace, and hopefully bring the work to a receptive audience. Scheer provides the coaching and cheerleading each writer needs. She shares so many elements and techniques to enhance one’s efforts. There are real-world examples to help each writer succeed. If you want to make writing your livelihood, you need to use this book and you must refer to it over and over.”

~  Laurence L. Levin, photographer and educator


“If you are a writer and you’re writing the next great screenplay or novel, make sure you have a copy of The Writer’s Advantage in hand. You’ll want to refer to it before you begin your writing, during, and especially afterwards, when you begin your pitching and marketing process. As a manager and producer, I am letting all of my clients know about this very important volume of work. You’ll find the information is invaluable and evergreen and, more importantly, your projects will have the necessary elements to aid in setting up your project and making it marketable.”

~  Marilyn R. Atlas, literary and talent manager; producer, Real Women Have Curves, Choking Game


“Laurie’s book completely sets the record straight with what is happening in present day media outlets. Before reading, I was feeling overwhelmed and confused, but she broke it down into understandable overviews… plus, I’m a huge fan of checklists. I loved the end-of-chapter bullet points and checklists. It drives it all home.”

~ Kendra Cunningham, comic, creator of Blonde Logic and lonelygirl48


“The lessons Laurie Scheer taught me still resound years later. Her mentorship, practical advice, and wisdom about all things ‘story’ have been invaluable to my success as a writer, and this book is another amazing tool she’s given us to navigate the storyscape.”

~  Dominique Ferrari, screenwriter, currently in production with a “Black List” script


“In a world filled with an overabundance of tips, tricks, and tools of every kind, never has a book been so clear and straight to the point than The Writer’s Advantage. Scheer lays everything out in a concise yet engaging fashion that is relatable and easy to follow. The chapter-end exercises are essential in helping you write your best screenplay yet. How to sell your project is also discussed, which, in today’s conglomerated world, can feel like an impossible task. Thank you Laurie Scheer for providing us with a tool that is essential in creating the greatest films of our future.”

~  Lauren Zink, US Advice Network Manager at VICE Media, Inc.


“You bring great value to book authors in advising them to view their writing through the lens of film and TV trends, in particular to (1) know their genre, including its history and evolution; (2) understand their particular dramatic situation, and (3) identify and write for their audience, which as a rule all have shortening attention spans, and are consuming content across multiple platforms. I was particularly gratified to see your emphasis on ways to avoid ‘prequels, sequels, remakes and reboots,’ as in my view so much of what is offered to us, in books but particularly in film and TV, is derivative and unstimulating. I am I a huge fan of film festivals, particularly of the indie entries, and am heartened by the creativity I see coming out of them, much funded by Kickstarter and the like. As I watch them I can’t help but think of ways to create a new indie book-to-film industry!”

~ April Eberhardt, literary change agent/owner, April Eberhardt Literary