Do you know your art?

Do you know your purpose?

Do you know how to provide for yourself while pursuing your art?

Laurie Scheer

Writing Mentor

Educating, guiding and coaching aspiring writing since 1985.

Media Goddess

Sharing my media expertise with writers during their creative evolution.

Pursuer of Art & Purpose

I have launched a cable network, designed curriculums for a media college, and founded a literary magazine… I am looking forward to what is next on the horizon.


“Many people do not realize that

on the path they were intended

to take, there are no obstacles.”

~ Neale Donald Walsch

It is my purpose to help writers find their purpose.

Connect with me to discuss…

  • Your manuscript and/or screenplay development, writing, editing
  • Publishing your work/getting it out into the world
  • Writing-based and art-centric event planning
  • Working in the entertainment industry
  • Questions about your next step, your authentic purpose
The Pursuit of Art

The Pursuit of Art

When I sat down to think about a common thread between my work in the media/entertainment industry and academia, I discovered that throughout my life, I have been assisting writers, students, and creative folk on how to achieve their goals and purpose in life – and how to never give up on that pursuit.

This thought occurred after a question was asked within my summer intensive session this year:  “What are your favorite kinds of books, Laurie? What’s your genre?”

That made me think back on my favorite types of books, of course, and, from high school onward, I have always gravitated toward biographies, autobiographies, memoirs and creative nonfiction in general.

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How Do I Establish My Own Voice as a Writer?

How Do I Establish My Own Voice as a Writer?

Every writer has their own voice, there is no way around this. That’s a good thing! Some writers have a more distinct or unusual voice than others. Some writers have luck on their side and tap into the zeitgeist and find themselves resonating with a niche group of followers or they experience a mass following. One of the sure-fire ways to develop your own voice is to be true to yourself.

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Do You Fear Writing Success?

Do You Fear Writing Success?

For many writers, as their project gets closer to completion, fear starts to set in. Instead of getting excited or motivated, they become anxious and procrastinate. It is confusing! This novel or screenplay is your ambition, your dream even…so why all the negative...

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